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The success of our partners is what counts

Outstanding partner references are:

Federal Ministry of Health in Sudan

In 2022 LETZTEST provided the Sudanese Ministry of Health with 71 portable microbiological water laboratories. This included 71 Portable Membrane Filtration Kits, 71 Electricity-Free Incubators as well as LETZTEST Stainless Steel Water Samplers. Furthermore, ongoing online training and support was provided. All to finally make water quality testing for the priority parameter E.coli in off-grid locations in Sudan an easy and cost efficient task for the Sudanese Government and to be able to act in a preventative way against disease outbreaks such as Cholera.


Since 2021 CAAMENIHU has become a close partner. CAAMENIHU has followed the complete LETZTEST Laboratory Coaching and Training Program. We support the organization in its establishment of an economically independent and reliable water laboratory which conforms to international standards. We were glad to hear that CAAMENIHU was contacted by the DRC Government in 2023 to take over water quality testing activities in the region.

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REFFECT AFRICA in South Africa, Morocco and Ghana

Project Aim: Demonstration of innovative, reliable and adapted sustainable energy solutions based on the valorization of biomass wastes from agriculture and the food industry through biomass gasification.

Role of LETZTEST: Set up and operation of three water testing labs powered by the generated energy in order to increase water quality and thus health and living standards.

Funding: European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Innovation program under grant N°101036900.

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UNICEF R-WASH in Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda

Project Aim:The R-WASH Programme for Capacity Building and Support of water utility companies, comprises 5 sites in four East African countries: 1 x in Somalia; 2 x in Ethiopia; 1 x in Uganda and 1 x in Sudan.

Role of LETZTEST: Through the standardized LETZTEST Lab Coaching program, we provids coaching and training for setting up and operating successful water testing labs at all project sites, with the aim to increase water quality and, consequently, improve health and living standards in the regions.

Funding: UNICEF and KfW

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ONEP | LACQUE in Ivory Coast

Since 2021 it is a great honor for us to have Dr. Stephane Claon, Director of „Laboratoire d’analyse et de Controle de la Qualité de l’Eau“ (LACQUE) of the „Office National de l’Eau Potable“ (ONEP) in Ivory Coast 🇨🇮 as an active, always ready to exchange, committed partner. We have learned so many lessons from our real expert exchanges and continue to do so. Thank you!

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Malteser International in Uganda, DRC and Nigeria

Our first client. As a young company, you need people who see the great potential of your product and go new paths with you. In 2018 Malteser International saw our potential and made the choice to go with LETZTEST kits.
Back then we were at an early stage of development. We wanted to reinvent Water Testing. The Malteser team gave us a strong motivation to keep going and improve our solutions even more. Thank you for the early trust! Today we have a close and trusted partnership for water quality testing projects. 

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FRAUNHOFER ISE in South Africa

Project Aim: The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and the Stellenbosch University in South Africa developed a mobile healthcare platform with which even the most remote areas can be reached.

Role of LETZTEST: Supply of a mobile water laboratory which is part of the platform to do water quality testing and thus in a preventative way act efficient against serious disease outbreaks such as cholera.

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Partner companies

Only together we can grow. Our partner companies in Uganda and Tanzania are:

Aqua Solutions Intl. in Kampala, Uganda

Since 2018, Aqua Solutions Intl. has been a close partner of LETZTEST. We share a similar mission and vision, supporting each other’s growth. Aqua Solutions Intl. is a woman lead company of water experts, they supply LETZTEST Water testing Equipment in Uganda, conduct professional Water analysis, and provide professional training for future water laboratories. Additionally, Aqua Solutions has the capability to recycle LETZTEST Fecal indicator test tubes. Together, we are committed to promoting the importance of local value chains and contributing to the sustainability of water quality monitoring activities.

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BWIRI Intl. Ltd. in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Since 2019, BWIRI and LETZTEST have joined forces with a shared mission and vision to revolutionize water quality monitoring in remote locations across Tanzania. Our partnership has brought together a team of dedicated professionals committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve.BWIRI and LETZTEST work as a cohesive family, pooling our expertise and experience to tackle complex issues. Our shared passion for sustainability and environmental conservation drives our commitment to excellence.


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