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Water Monitoring Box ADVANCED

Art. No.: 1190

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Product description:

The Water Monitoring Box ADVANCED for LEVEL A end-users is a revolutionary solution for remote water laboratory projects.  It is a fully equipped Lab with suitable equipment and additional tools to run a water laboratory in remote locations. The box allows a much-needed comprehensive approach in remote settings and therefore it is the next step for sustainable water quality monitoring.


The Mobile Water Monitoring Box ADVANCED is an actual water laboratory in a box designed for LEVEL A end-users, which can be used in the field, in temporary, or in fixed laboratory premises. It is equipped with appropriate sampling and water quality monitoring equipment that can be handled at that level. And besides that, it contains critical components for a remote water laboratory such as sanitary inspection sheets, quality assurance documents (e.g., equipment calibration logbooks, sampling sheets or printed exemplary SOPs), easy data management tools, and QR-Codes for direct technical support in case technical support is needed. Moreover, the box keeps the equipment and tools protected and organized in one place.


Therewith, the Mobile Water Monitoring Box ADVANCED supports central water laboratories to easily set up mobile project laboratories in remote locations at reasonable costs and supports the concept of making remote communities key partners in the process of relieving water-related issues.

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A game-changing solution that transforms water quality monitoring into an easily achievable success – solving all known problems of water quality monitoring in remote locations. Attachable to multiple vehicles including motorcycles, independent of electricity, providing tables and protection of equipment, including essential data management and quality management tools. 500% – 1.000% cost savings compared to alternative mobile water laboratories which are mounted on one single vehicle only.


$Complete mobile water laboratory in a box
Made in
Ready to Ship
$upon request
$Hard-shell case
$57 x 57 x 69,5 cm
$20 - 40 Kg depending on your test equipment choice
Storage temperature

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By providing direct technical WhatsApp-support to end-users and access to training videos in multiple languages via QR codes on each equipment, we ensure that end-users have a low barrier to get their questions clarified easily.

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"Consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat."

Martin Mustermann,
XY-Beauftragte, Unicef

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