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Can the LETZTEST kits be used by "normal people" who have little or no experience with water testing?

Definitely YES! One of our main objectives is to make water quality testing easy, practical and independent for you.


Most of our kits can be used by an ISO 17025 certified water laboratory and also by people who are not yet trained lab technicians after a short introduction training and still the results are maximally accurate and trustworthy.

How do LETZTEST Products stand out?

LETZTEST products are:

  • very easy to transport (an entire laboratory fits on a motorcycle!)
  • super robust – our Kits are built to last forever (you get a lifetime guarantee for the crucial steel parts – and we are very confident that you will never need to make use of it)
  • Independent from Electricity (we have a patent for this groundbreaking technique)
  • As environmentally friendly as possible (with our products you are 100% in line with the SDG goals)

They do not need:

  • toxic reagents
  • consumables which are expensive, expire quickly, are difficult to transport and depend on cooling  (we reduced consumables to a minimum)

LETZTEST products come with:

  • a free data management App (because without data management your water testing results are not reliable)
  • a free online video introductory Training by our experts (because we want you to succeed)

After purchasing LETZTEST kits, how dependent am I on LETZTEST consumables?

Great news: You are not dependent at all. 


We develop and produce the best possible hardware for you. The consumables that are available can be purchased independently from us  in most countries of the world (especially for microbiology).They come from world market leaders who already have intermediaries worldwide. 


Of course, you can always reorder all consumables from us at reasonable prices or from one of our key intermediaries if you are in Uganda, Tanzania or Ivory Coast.

How do I know which kits are right for me and my goals?

Just contact us and already give us a few hints: 


  • What is your project?
  • Which parameters do you need to be checked? 
  • Where and by whom? 
  • What previous experience do you have and what is your goal? For example: do you want to run a professional water laboratory or do you want to have a local technician with no analytical experience test a water system for the most important parameters in a very rural area? 


In a non-binding and free online consultation we will analyze your needs together and develop the most suitable solution for you! Don´t hesitate. We´re here to support you as best as possible. 

How robust are the kits really?

  • Our microbiological test cases are almost exclusively made of pharmaceutical stainless steel that will look the same in 100 years as it does today.
  • Our photometer is operated with long-life LED lamps which can last for more than 10 years if used properly.
  • If the pH+ Meter electrode is accidentally stored dry: No Problem. It can easily be regenerated. 
  • All devices are waterproof

How do the consumables differ from those of comparable test kits?

Based on our 10 years of experience we have eliminated all unnecessary items. The consumables are reduced to the minimum.

All consumables are independent of cooling and have an expiration date between 1-9 years depending on the type. That is a very long durability. 

All required consumables are ideally suited for use in rural regions of emerging markets.

They are: 

  • space-saving,
  • cost-effective
  • time and resource-saving
  • ensuring correct results with still immature QM system

What support does LETZTEST offer, so that we can use the kits properly after we receive them?

We got you! In order to ensure efficient and safe use of the equipment, you get a free online introductory training for each purchased device.

I want to establish a laboratory as a business model. Any ideas where to start?

We´re glad you´re asking! We´ll make you successfully run a water laboratory by accompanying you from the planning phase to implementation. 

In more than 10 years of practical experience, we have identified the critical success factors for running a successful water laboratory in a remote area of an emerging economy! Based on this, a complete package was developed which accompanies you for 10 months.

You are an established Organization/Company with existing organizational structure and want to run a water laboratory in a periurban or rural region of a developing country as a successful and reliable business model? LETZTEST makes it happen. 

We tell you more about it: Just contact us via info@letz-test.com or call +49 157 89 62 75 36.

How do I purchase LETZTEST kits?

As soon as you know which equipment fits best to your target project, we will send you a non-binding offer including possible transport costs.

If you decide to order, you will receive an invoice for advance payment. As soon as we receive the payment, we´ll prepare the parcel.

Who helps us when we have a question?

Contact us and you will receive an online appointment within 2 days.

Are you located in Uganda, Tanzania or Ivory Coast? Then you can contact one of our key distributors.

How and where do I order consumables or spare parts?

Contact us and we will take care of you immediately.

Are you located in Uganda, Tanzania or Ivory Coast? Then contact one of our key distributors.

Shipping: Destinations, how quick, how expensive?

  • We pack the shipments as space-saving as possible to keep the shipping costs low
  • No matter where you are, the shipment will reach you safely worldwide
  • After your payment is received, you will receive your order within 10 business days, no matter where you are
  • Costs within the EU: the usual shipping costs you are used to for goods delivery within the EU apply
  • Costs Overseas: we deliver by express air freight. Depending on the destination and volume of your shipment, additional transportation costs will apply. For packages up to 30 kg, the cost is usually between $50 - $500. Loaded pallets usually between 500-900$